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Muddy River Sno Seekers Trail Reports
10/8/2018  --  Waiting for our first snowfall of the season 12/10/2018  --  Although we’ve had a nice start to the season with unseasonably cold temps and snowfall, we are not ready to open trails yet.   But we have a good base and a couple of good storms and we will be ready.  Our grooming team is anxious to get out there! 1/5/2019  --  We haven’t had much to report with very little snow fall over the last month.  But I expect that will be changing this week with a potential nor’easter.  Our trails are currently open but the snow pack is minimal so please ride with caution.  We expect to be grooming this week after the storm.   1/11/2019  --  Not  as much snow from this weeks storm as originally predicted.  We ended up with about 5-6” of very heavy wet snow.  our challenge at the moment is to get snow-covered tree branches and fallen trees off the trails.  Anyone willing to go our and help cut branches back, it is much appreciated.  Very cold this coming week with our next chance of substantial snowfall being next weekend. 11/13/19  --  Both west and east side trails are groomed.  Not a lot of snow but enough to ride.  Watch for low branches and help cut them back if possible.  
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