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Muddy River Sno Seekers Trail Reports
2/1/2020 -- Temps have remained cold for the last few days so we aren’t losing much snow but we really need a good storm. Trails are open but please ride with caution. Watch for rocks and washouts. 2/3/2020 -- Potential snow 3-5” on Thursday which may change over to rain or sleet on Friday. No major storms currently in the forecast. 2/8/2020 -- We received about 5” of fresh snow on Thurs/Fri and some very cold weather on top of it. So it should set up nice. We don’t have a lot of snow, but for what we have, the riding is good. Still watch out for the occasional rock or stump but they are few and far between. Remember that the trail along 302 from Dunkin to Moose Landing has been shut down. DO NOT USE THIS TRAIL!!! Happy riding…. 2/15/2020 -- Trails are decent with no major issues. Cold temps are freezing everything up nice. Reminder that today, we will be having club ride at 1pm, a cookout at the clubhouse at 4:30pm and then bonfire at 8pm. 2/20/2020 -- More snow fell this week and temps have been cold. Great combination for riding. Groomers have spent many hours in the woods making the trails perfect. Please support local business and respect our landowners. Please join and support your local club. Your membership keeps our trail equipment running through the winter. 2/27/2020 -- Sorry to have to report that due to warm temps and some heavy rains, our trails are now closed for the season. It was a short one but a good one. Club meetings will still continue to talk about next year.
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